Marie Laveau

alt: Marie Laveaux, Marie Paris

habitat: City


The Voodoo Queen.

Marie Laveau Lore

If you have a wish that you desperately want granted, you may find yourself drawn to Saint Louis Cemetary No. 1 in New Orleans. There you will seek the tomb of the infamous voodoo queen Marie Laveau. You must mark an 'X' on the tomb, turn around three times, knock clearly, and yell out your wish. When your wish is granted, you must return to the tomb, circle your 'X', and leave an offering. Be warned: Laveau's power is far reaching and terrible. You would do well to leave an offering that suits her.

Marie Laveau was well loved and many followed her. Some would call her a priestess. She had a gift for healing and a broad knowledge of plants and their properties. People would travel from miles away to seek her remedies. Some would call her an herbalist. But the truth is her power extended far beyond the realm of natural medicine. Marie Laveau could cast curses upon her enemies and she knew the secrets of everyone around her. She had a supernatural ability to enthrall other people and animals. It is known that she had a pet snake named Zombi who followed her. In this taxonomy of legendary creatures, I would classify her as a witch, although it is possible she is much more. Marie Laveau was seen walking around town after her official burial on June 15, 1881. She lives on today in memories, in songs, and possibly in a more physical form. Marie Laveau was and is the most notorious voodoo queen who ever lived.

Witches have a mastery of herbalism and conjuration spells. Laveau specialised in Hoodoo rootwork and Voodoo magic. Future entries in Novus Bestiary may explore other forms of witchcraft, but the important thing to note is that most witches cannot transcend death. That type of power is almost never granted to someone who is a born a mortal human being. Voodoo magic has great power to offer but it focuses mainly on manipulating luck in your own favour and bringing curses upon enemies. No one knows for sure what has kept Marie Laveau alive (if in fact she is alive). There is only one faint rumour which offers a clue. A journal entry from a man named Dr. Michael Morbius suggests that Laveau was hunting for the blood of a powerful vampire. Such an ingredient in the hands of the most skilled alchemist could potentially offer immortality but would be practically impossible to attain. Did Laveau somehow complete this Herculean task? We may never know the truth of things.

At this time of year, around Halloween, visitors will flood the Saint Louis Cemetary No. 1. As you walk outside in the chilly night you may feel its pull yourself. Some say the secrets of Marie Laveau are buried beneath her tomb and that dedicated subjects may yet learn them. Secrets of life and death. Secrets of Voodoo.

Early one mornin' into mucky swamp Dew vanished Marie with hate in her eyes Tho' she'll never return all the Cajuns knew A witch-queen never dies

Written by Giles Ravensong.

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